Lets do this shit. #IntroToLaw #exam #college #coffee

Lets do this shit. #IntroToLaw #exam #college #coffee

Top 20 Tech Gadgets for College Students 



USB Mini Fridge

Save the last soda or beer in your own personal mini-fridge. Everything will be kept super cool in this mini fridge that is powered by a USB port.


iPhone Pocket Projector

Crowding around a 13 inch dorm television is not ideal for a group of friends. Instead, turn the whole wall into a TV with the iPhone pocket projector. Play videos, look at images and stream videos from different apps.

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Maru loves his little sister Hana.

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 Bund Sightseeing Tunnel Shanghai photographed byJakob Wagner

This psychedelic tourist trap is a leisurely descent into madness

When trying to cross the Huang Pu River in Shanghai’s bustling Bund district, you can either hop on an inexpensive metro car, or you can take a psychedelic trip through the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.

Located under the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower, the tunnel was built to be one of the Bund’s major tourist attractions, and still manages to draw large numbers of travelers despite costing more than ten times as much as the metro. Although riders do get a rather mind-blowing (if dated) experience. After hopping into a small, futuristic rail car, riders are leisurely carried through a tunnel which is covered in pulsing, strobing lights that attempt to simulate flight through some acid-soaked version of space. The bombardment of flashing lights and colors is accompanied by a rather ominous soundtrack punctuated by an occasional intonation of English words such as “…shining star…” and “…hell…” It is unclear whether the ride is trying to evoke wonder or terror, but both reactions seem appropriate.

Despite its name, the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel offers no Shanghai sights other than its own sensory bombardment. The entire ride lasts just under five minutes, but the mind-blowing light show could have much more lasting effects
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no one told you life was gonna be this way …


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New York - Autumn in the City


Today was an absolutely perfect autumn day in New York City. The air was crisp, and the sun exuded a cool warmth.

This time of year always makes me incredibly nostalgic. It was the autumn of 2009 that I found my passion for photography. I would walk as far as my legs would take me with my little point and shoot camera which was severely limited in its capacity. I was too poor for a smartphone at the time and remember hoping that the no-frills point and shoot that I bought on sale for $79 could help me capture the city I love in photographs.

I went through quite a few of those early photos today for a client who found one of the photos on my Flickr account and requested it for an upcoming ad campaign. I keep all of my work on my Flickr account, even the early work. It’s amazing how far some of those early photos have gone in terms of usage. Not all of my early work is what I would consider good. In fact, most of my early work is fairly rough in terms of execution of what I was attempting to do with the limited tools I had at the time.

However, I keep them online because I believe it’s important to keep a record of where we have been in life. It helps to put everything in perspective. Most importantly, it helps to track growth and learning.

I wanted to share a few of my photos from that magical autumn of 2009.

I can still feel every aspect of each moment I captured with my camera when I look at these…

The way the leaves gathered at the curb…
Early Halloween decorations…
Quiet moments where the past and present co-mingled…
Horses and Central Park’s autumn foliage…
As holiday scenes tugged at the heart…
And glowing orange lights warmed up chilly afternoons..
Central Park’s landscapes in their last hurrah before winter…
As the first intrepid ice-skaters took to the ice…
While the Upper East Side’s architecture framed a perfect hint of orange…
As townhouses…
And grand architecture uptown stoically waited to hibernate…
Brooklyn reveled in Autumn’s warmth…
Modern love enjoyed a moment in an abandoned East Village lot…
And New York City passionately declared its love for autumn.


Looking for these photos to view larger? Here you go (click or tap on each photo to view larger):

New York Autumn - A Look Back


Information about my New York City photography book which is releasing in stores and online in the autumn of 2014 (including where to order it):

NY Through The Lens: A New York Coffee Table Book


View: My photography portfolio, My Travel Blog, On G+,email me, or ask for help.

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This was one of the funniest jokes in film history

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